Career in the Galilee

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If you are looking for a career in the high-tech industry, Galil-Software is the place for you! We can help you:

  • To develop a long-term career in a leading high-tech company
  • Work for local and international high-tech companies
  • Learn the latest development technologies
  • Work in a place with great conditions, alongside talented people like you

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Galil-Software is one of Israel’s leading providers of local R & D services in the field of software. It offers Israeli high-tech companies a convenient option to expand their R & D teams and professional services. In fact, Galil-Software revolutionized the industry by setting up innovative development centers in the city of Nazareth, employing more than 150 engineers from all sectors of the country (read here about the areas of experience and some of the amazing successes of some of our employees).

What types of projects and areas of expertise do I expect in Galil-Software?

When you join Galil Software, you will be assigned to one of our long-term projects for high-tech companies in Israel. Among our customers are: HP, NICE, Amdocs, ECI, Kenshoo, and Radware.

Our development teams work with the client’s R & D team expansion model, where staff members work in our development centers, while conducting daily meetings / contacts with customers. In this unique work model, our employees get to work for leading hi-tech companies in Israel and in other countries, all in a young and growing work environment alongside other talented engineers.

The great variety of projects and areas in which we are involved is a powerful incentive for career development as well as personal and professional growth.

How does it work in Galil-Software?

When you join Galileo Software, you enter a unique workplace where you will meet a group of highly talented people.

Moreover, we want you to find pleasure in your work . In addition to fun days and events for all employees, we at Galil-Software are particularly proud of the vibrant and young work environment we created, which is made up of professionals from the best in their field and special people of any other standard. It is a company operating in a family atmosphere in which special relations are established between the employees.

What can I learn in Galil-Software?

Galil-Software awaits you in a workplace where you have countless opportunities to develop your personal skills.

We believe that the learning process does not end with the academic degree. Our employees continue to learn constantly about new technologies and development environments, along with up-to-date project management methodologies. The management team gives employees broad support in the process of professional development, learning and training. In our daily work, workshops dealing with unique technologies or management development programs, our employees are in the process of learning and continuing specialization that exposes them to the latest technologies and the latest development fields.

Is Galil-Software a company that truly works in the spirit of providing equal opportunities in employment?

Definitely. At Galil-Software you will be able to experience a diverse work environment that respects all its employees. We employ and develop talented individuals who wish to advance and lead, regardless of the employee’s cultural status, age or gender.

At Galil-Software, multiculturalism and equal opportunity are the cornerstones of our everyday reality: our employees include engineers and managers, women and men from all sectors and religions, and all of them have equal opportunities for professional development.

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