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תכנון מקצה לקצה, כולל אחריות ניהולית לאורך כול חיי הצוות

שימוש במתודולוגיות, כלים ומדדי ביצוע (KPI) של הלקוח

בנייה ושמירה על צוותים יציבים ונאמנים:

R&D STUDY: taboola

“As we grew, our need for internal tools was paramount, and the Galil team have proven themselves again and again. It was a good decision to double the size of the Galil development team within our Operations unit!”

Ora Egozi-Barzilai
R&D Director, Head of R&D Operations at Taboola


R&D STUDY: sizmek

“Galil Software has shown superb professionalism in ramping up our existing maintenance program. The team is dedicated, and extremely competent, which has, in turn, enabled us to focus on the product line we believe will take us well into the future.”

Amichai Kidron, Vice President R&D at Sizmek

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