Helping Clarizen enhance its project management system with an R&D extension in the Galilee

Clarizen Case Study:

Clarizen case studyClarizen is a world leader in collaborative work management, bringing together powerful project management, configurable workflow automation and in-context collaboration in an enterprise-grade platform. Thousands of organizations across 79 countries, including dozens of the Fortune 500, rely on Clarizen’s award-winning solution. The VC-backed company has locations all around the world, with regional headquarters in San Mateo, CA; Tel Aviv, IL and London, UK.

Business Challenge

Thanks to its impressive and powerful collaborative work management system, Clarizen experienced significant success, which in turn, led to more product commitments and a growing number of customers.

As a result, Clarizen were looking to quickly ramp up a professional external development team that could provide a cost-effective, innovative solution for taking on additional development projects, while maintaining the same quality levels as their own in-house development team.

Galil Software Solution

Clarizen looked at a number of options, but quickly concluded that Galil Software’s solution was the standout choice, in terms of overhead, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Galil Software started working with Clarizen in September 2014, and quickly expanded from a team of 5 to 11 software engineers within just six months. After initially starting out on a small part of the product feature set, Galil Software’s team is now working independently under Clarizen’s direction on a number of assigned product modules.

The Galil Software team have an impressive track record of delivery of quality software work, proving their expertise in Clarizen’s .NET web environment. This has also meant a full partnership in Clarizen’s QA automation, continuous integration, and delivery processes, which includes sprint meetups and a fully interactive relationship. The Galil team has impressed the Clarizen management team with its collaboration efforts.

Customer Benefits

The major advantage for Clarizen has been its ability to rapidly ramp-up activities in just a matter of months, ensuring recent funding could be invested where it really mattered, rather than on physical resources and offices.

They have kept their operations in the same time zone, within one hour’s reach of their R&D headquarters, enabling them to benefit from all of Galil’s experience and skills, including:

  • A fast ramp-up of services that quickly synchronized with Clarizen’s high-quality product line.
  • Excellent communication and project management with a team of software experts who have fully adapted to Clarizen’s operational processes – including full synchronization with Clarizen’s own project management software.
  • Independent development of a number of product modules under Clarizen’s direction, with additional modules and projects continuously being added, as the Galil team and collaboration efforts expand.
  • Close proximity ensures that even though the team is located at Galil Software’s site, Clarizen consider the Galil team as a full, local extension of their QA and Dev teams, helping Clarizen reduce risks and extra hidden costs typically associated with offshore development. 

“Working with Galil Software has been a bit of a revelation. Galil’s professionalism and ability to quickly integrate into our working processes impressed us. We have been working with Galil Software for only a few months, but already consider their offices in the Galilee as a full extension of our R&D operations. additional offices and employees to handle our expansion commitments as an Initial concerns – have been completely resolved by Galil’s onshore range of services.”

Ori Roniger, Director of R&D