Legacy Software Maintenance

FREE UP your Dev and QA with our Software Maintenance Service

online shop development wireframe sketchLegacy software systems are in use throughout the software industry, and many systems still provide inherent value. They may be dated, and may, in fact, use programming languages that have evolved beyond their original purpose, but these systems often still have a major role to play.

However, it’s the maintaining of these outdated systems which can be a major drain on a company’s resources. From our experience, these legacy systems have proven to be resource intensive largely due to the fact they have been maintained and developed for many years by many programmers.

On top of that, take into consideration that many changes have been made to the software, and the supporting documentation is probably outdated (and is probably a messy patch on patch combination), as well as the programming style and language showing its age.

As a result, maintaining and continuing the development of these legacy systems becomes an expensive task.

Galil Software can help alleviate those expenses, with proven experience in taking ownership over many legacy systems.

Galil’s Software Maintenance Service includes the following:

  • Build Maintenance services: fixing bugs and producing new builds.
  • Continuous Development services: developing new features according to customer requirements and business needs.
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