How to recruit GREAT engineers

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By Ameen Abu-Leil, VP R&D BU @ Galil Software We know that it’s not the easiest task in the world to find and recruit great engineers, engineers who’ll make a real difference to your company and your bottom line. There’s also a growing demand for quality engineers, and a real shortage of top talent, which has […]

How we moved from using React to React-Redux

While working in a stressful working environment, complete with strict deadlines and pressure to deliver, it’s often difficult to take a break and step back to determine whether you are proceeding the right way – or the fast way. Of course, many development managers and developers are stuck in this obviously far from ideal predicament. […]

How to retrieve information from a Selenium Grid

How to retrieve information from a Selenium Grid

By Amir Najjar, Automation Development Lead   Working with a large scale Selenium Grid involves a lot of maintenance and support; as a result, it’s crucial to know how to retrieve data from your Grid and, in turn, learn more about how the Grid is actually performing.   For each Selenium Grid – whether it […]