• "From 2009 R&D, QA and product support activities of some of our mobile data optimization core products, rely on the Galil Software’s technological and managerial expertise. Thanks to a very accomplished team of engineers, combined with a cost-effective partnership, we felt confident outsourcing to the Galil Software’s onshore solution, instead of offshoring or expanding in-house teams."
    Avi Kahani, VP Operations, and Head of Rich Media Delivery Product Line
    Flash Networks
  • "Late 2013 we decided to grow and were looking for a partner that will play as one of us, we looked for a strong group in a short ramp up time. Galil Software took the challenge and built a great team that been expanded more and more during 2014. Galil SW has great people, same Time Zone and prove that they are acting as a real partner."
    Amichai Kidron VP R&D
  • “When we decided at Earnix to adapt test automation in our R&D, we had a lot of questions and we were uncertain which path to take. Having Galil Software on board provided us with end to end solution, starting from the initial architecture and design of the solution framework until the implementation stage.”
    Einat Orr (VP R&D)
  • "Three teams at Galil Software participate in developing and testing our next-generation products. They perform at the highest professional level, as required in the high-tech industry. In fact, the Galil Software team was responsible for developing and testing the project that was awarded the 2011 Product of the Year at HP Software."
    Elad Naaman, Director R&D

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