About Us

We are Israel’s premier onshore outsourcing option for R&D and software services


Located in Nazareth, Galil Software is Israel’s leading provider of software R&D extensionQA automationDevOps services and Web projects.

Since its founding in 2008, Galil Software has successfully established a proven track record for increasing the productivity and efficiency of R&D operations. Managed by hi-tech executives with experience in running global organizations, together with more than 200 software engineers – all graduates of leading Israeli universities and colleges – Galil Software offers an end to end solution to R&D and Customer Success departments.



Top Israeli talent, all with B.Sc in Computer Science or similar.

Located in Nazareth, only 75 minutes drive from the center of Israel.

A full solution from building for R&D and Professional Services – Team Extension to QA Automation, DevOps and Web Projects.

Greater flexibility and reduced risks while decreasing operational costs.

Some of the leading hi-tech companies that Galil Software proudly lists among its customers include SanDisk, Radware, SimilarWeb, Sizmek, and ClickTale.


Below are the values that Galil Software strives for in its everyday operations. Ultimately, we are building careers in high-tech while keeping to our main six core values:


Results Driven

Customer = Partner

Embrace Variety

Team Power

Thinking Beyond

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