QA Automation

Galil Software’s QA Automation serviceS include:

QA Automation Software Development and Integration

(including infrastructure setup, automation framework development, and mapping Manual test to Automation test cases)

Implementation and Execution

(including test cases and script development, covering various product test types such as functional, sanity, regression testing and more)

Project Planning, Project Scope, Schedule & Timelines, Resource Requirement & Cost Planning

Galil QA Automation Framework


“When SimilarWeb started looking for a test automation solution, we checked a number of different in-house and external options. Galil Software was the obvious choice. Galil’s expert knowledge and skills in the automation domain, together with Galil’s automation framework, enabled us to implement automation infrastructure in Amazon cloud quickly and efficiently, with a nice ROI. The Galil team is currently an integral part of SimilarWeb’s QA operations, working closely with both QA and Developers to develop and execute automation requirements. After working with Galil for almost a year and a half there is no doubt we made the right choice.”

Einat Orr, PhD | SVP R&D


“Galil’s expertise, knowledge and automation skills, together with their automation framework, ensured the building and productive implementation of a state-of-the-art automated test environment”.

Ehab Massad
QA & Automation Lead at CLEW

We believe that investing in the right QA Automation strategy is a must
considering the ever-increasing rate of technology changes in general,
and specifically in an agile software world.

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