Case Study: SysAid

“SysAid wanted to uplift and enforce its automation operation and started looking for a test automation solution. We checked several different options, and Galil Software was the best choice.
Galil’s expert knowledge and skills in the automation domain, and it is vast experience in different technologies, enabled us to ramp-up our automation and test infrastructure and enhance our quality process.

The Galil team is currently an integral part of SysAid QA operations, working closely with both QA and Developers to develop and execute automation requirements.

After working with Galil for almost a year and a half there is no doubt we made the right choice.”

Yehuda Sapir, VP R&D

SysAid Technologies, founded in 2002, is a start-up that provides organizations around the world with efficient IT service
management tools through service automation. With an automated help desk that works 24/7, SysAid offers a
remarkable alternative to improving the speed and efficiency of IT services. For example, repetitively occurring and
common IT issues that employees face are automatically handled by the SysAid portal, saving both employees’ and IT
teams’ time.

Business Challenge

Following a sudden gap in their automation staffing, SysAid required a new team to keep their project running
smoothly. Their project, which had been worked on for more than 5 years, needed a highly qualified and experienced
team to lead and maintain its existing framework. To overcome this challenge, SysAid approached Galil Software.

The Project

Galil assembled an experienced team composed of three automation engineers who worked closely with managers
from SysAid. Some of their first actions were to design, add coverage, and improve functionality tests for the SysAid
project – which had many integrations available – and to identify and troubleshoot bugs and problem areas that arose in
the former framework. They also needed to renovate the old technology that SysAid’s system was based on by
replacing it with a stronger and newer one.

The team was also responsible for maintaining the automation processes for both cloud and on-premise, conducting
full analysis for all tests daily, adding coverage for new features, and testing the UI, the API, and the database. The
project codes were written in Java and used automation tools such as MAVEN for project structure and TestNG as a
running tool. They also needed to support the testing of all SysAid environments and OS (Windows, Windows Server,
Linux, and Mac), configure AutoIt to test desktop applications, and RMI to test the remote functions. The project also
included integrations with Jira, Slack, MSTeam, LDAP, and VsPhare.

Galil Software’s Solution

Galil’s solution for monitoring, maintaining, and enhancing the former framework included many aspects. With the
benefit of Galil’s broad experience and expertise, the team formulated new frameworks from innovative and more
advanced technologies, improved and stabilized the former framework, maintained former tests, and added new coverage.

Customer Benefits

SysAid was very pleased with the Galil team’s quality of work, efficiency, and performance that met their expectations
and goals. Some of the important benefits that Galil provided SysAid with:

  • Overcoming and resolving various obstacles that led to regaining workflow in many processes.
  • Adding crucial coverage in a very short time period.
  • Properly stabilizing and improving the previous framework.
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