Case Study: Liquidity Capital

Galil Software played a major role in Liquidity’s technological evolution, starting as a small startup with modest requirements and growing into a distributed, complex and secured platform. Galil Software provided professional DevOps services, assisting in planning, designing, and implementing platform requirements according to LQC system needs. We thank Galil Software’s professional team and appreciate their professionality and high availability. ”

Rony Keren, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Liquidity Logo
Liquidity Capital is a software company that has developed a platform that enables intelligent financing, data integration, machine learning, prediction, monitoring, and control.

Business Challenge

With ever-expanding operations and development, Liquidity was looking for an on-shore partner that could handle their DevOps needs, while remaining adaptable to differing levels of intensity in their scope of work. They were also looking for a partner that could update their systems and architecture.

Galil Software’s Solution

Liquidity really needed the Galil team to understand the “big picture” and upgrade their systems, both from an architectural perspective and also in the organization of code and the development processes in place.

After an initial opening project, we have since worked on Liquidity’s DevOps projects for the last 8 years, and ridden the waves of constant new challenges as we adapted to their growth and expanding development.

Working in tandem with their dev team, we also helped develop and expand their serverless infrastructure which was then switched to using containers on Kubernetes. The Galil team also helped test, analyze and evaluate new technologies along the way, helping Liquidity get a true understanding of what was needed to upgrade their processes.

Customer Benefits

Liquidity was impressed with Galil’s quality of work, efficiency, and performance that met their expectations and goals. Some of the important benefits that Galil provided included:

  • Proved very adaptable to Liquidity’s needs over the years in the increase and decrease in scope of work.
  • Deep involvement in Liquidity’s projects made them feel we were an integral part of the team, willing to respond quickly to any malfunction and problem, in turn giving Liquidity the feeling they were in safe and responsible hands.
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