Case Study: Neura

“For the past 8 years, Galil Software’s team were a reliable, professional, and trustworthy partner; supporting us with the DevOps as well as general architecture and process guidance, focusing on the big picture to achieve our goals.”
Gil Mahler | Co-founder and VP R&D
Founded in 2013, Neura uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) product companies to personalize and adapt to their customers’ preferences and needs by reaching them at precise, meaningful moments throughout their day. In turn, this ensures increased engagement and growth, while reducing churn. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with R&D operations in Herzliya, Israel.

Business Challenge

With ever-expanding operations and development, Neura were looking for an on-shore partner that could handle their DevOps needs, while simultaneously being adaptable to differing levels of intensity in their scope of work. They were also looking for a partner that could update their systems and architecture.

The Project

One of the major elements of our ongoing project with Neura was the need to understand the “big picture” and upgrade their systems, both from an architectural perspective and also in the organization of code and the development processes in place.

The project has been ongoing – for almost 8 years – creating constant new challenges as we adapted to Neura’s growth and expanding development.

Galil Software’s Solution

Galil’s team addressed all Neura’s requirements for updating and maintaining their system, helping to analyze and evaluate new technologies that required testing during the development process.

The technical stack we worked on during this ongoing project includes: AWS, Python GS deployer, Chef, Ansible, Distributed parallel computing, Mongo DB, Rabbit MQ, Elastic stack, and Containers.

Customer Benefits

Neura have reported to us on a number of occasions that they have been very satisfied with our deep involvement in their projects, and feel that we are an integral part of the team, willing to respond quickly to any issue or problem.

There are open communication channels between the teams, reassuring Neura that they are in good and responsible hands.
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