Case Study: Sandisk

“As an innovative company that is heavily relying on technological skills both internally and through partnerships, we came across Galil Software, and realized it had strong proven capabilities in fields that were relevant for SanDisk. Through that partnership, Galil has established a dedicated site, which included a number of teams in the fields we have identified relevant for us. These teams have already delivered technology which was key for multiple products we have released, and was sold to our key customers around the world.. We absolutely see Galil as a strategic partner, and we intend to continue and strengthen our work with them.”

Shahar Bar-Or, Sandisk Israel Site Manager

Enabling SanDisk to develop cutting edge products through talented researchers and software developers

SanDisk (now Western Digital-SanDisk) is one of the leading flash memory manufacturers in the market today. For nearly 30 years, SanDisk’s ground-breaking digital storage solutions have powered consumer and enterprise products and services. Many of the world’s data centers, mobile device manufacturers, and laptop producers use SanDisk’s flash memory.

In May 2016, SanDisk was acquired by Western Digital, a move which strengthened WD’s position in the digital storage market thanks to SanDisk’s innovations in the solid state drive market.

Business Challenge

In order to remain an industry leader, SanDisk needed to increase its competitive advantage in developing technology for its innovative products and solutions. A necessary milestone to accomplish that goal was to find the right talent.

In addition, the solution to the challenge had to be cost-effective without compromising on quality. Speed was important, too – neither innovation nor customers can wait.

Galil Software’s Solution

SanDisk turned to Galil Software to identify the top talent who had the skills, education, and experience to develop products that would maintain SanDisk’s position as leader in the flash memory space. Executives at SanDisk recognized that Galil Software had the expertise and the capabilities to partner with the firm and achieve its goals.

The two companies formed a strategic partnership that launched in May 2015. Galil Software built a dedicated development center for SanDisk located in the Arab village Yafiye, adjacent to Nazareth. The center was designed exactly to SanDisk’s specifications. SanDisk set out standards and chose physical security equipment to keep the facility safe no matter what. In addition, SanDisk’s IT department chose security standards that Galil Software then implemented in constructing the center.

Galil Software was able to complete these tasks very quickly. It took two months from the project launch until the site was ready to be activated and host the SanDisk team.

And within six weeks, Galil Software was able to assemble a team of 14 engineers of various seniority levels. The team included TLs, senior engineers, graduates with some work experience, and those who had just completed their studies.  SanDisk was deeply involved in choosing the engineers. The company’s HR department interviewed each candidate to ensure that he or she was the right fit for the position. Moreover, SanDisk’s engineers evaluated the new hires to determine whether they possessed the technical skills in order to complete the task.

Once SanDisk and Galil Software were satisfied that they had assembled a strong team, the companies began training the new hires. The initial training took place at SanDisk’s facilities in Kfar Saba and at the Tefen Industrial Park.

Today, the partnership between SanDisk and Galil Software is flourishing. The development site employs over 20 engineers. There are four major teams: software tools development, validation tools development, integration, and DevOps. A dedicated, hands-on site manager oversees the teams.

Customer Benefits

SanDisk has benefited from this flourishing partnership. The company’s Israeli office is one hour away from the custom built site, making collaboration significantly simpler than if the development had been taken offshore.

Advantages of the relationship include:

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