Outsourcing Development and Professional Services of Core Messaging Products

Flash NetworksFlash Networks provides intelligent mobile Internet solutions that optimize the operator’s data network and maximize data profitability. Flash Networks’ solutions enable operators to provide superior broadband and Internet services to their subscribers, with excellent rich media user experience and enhanced value-added services.

Solutions include mobile data and video optimization techniques, overall traffic management, and advanced revenue-generating services.

Business Challenge

As a leader in mobile messaging, Flash Networks was looking to expand its product portfolio to additional segments of the mobile data market, by scaling R&D capabilities in an efficient and stable manner.

Flash Networks decided to outsource and look for a partner to take responsibility for development and QA of core applications in the mobile messaging space, in order to enable existing in-house R&D teams to focus on additional technologies.

Flash Networks’ messaging products include a combination of application frameworks that enable mobile multimedia services, and are deployed at over 300 leading mobile operators, requiring fast response time for change requests as well as intensive customer support.

Galil Software Solution

Flash Networks examined different possibilities for outsourcing the development and professional services of its core messaging products, including offshore and onshore solutions. Flash Networks concluded that an offshore solution would be less effective compared with Galil Software’s onshore proposal in terms of overhead, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of the solution.

Galil Software has been providing software services to Flash Networks since December 2008, and is currently responsible for four product lines, employing 25 software engineers in its development center in Nazareth. This partnership is constantly growing, as Flash Networks widens the range of products and domains which are under Galil Software’s responsibility.

Galil Software engineers manage all activities from inception (architecture, design, and development) through QA, deployment, and product support at Flash Networks’ customer sites abroad.

Flash Networks teams in Galil Software have an impressive track record of on-time delivery of quality software products. The teams comprise veterans in the telecom market and accomplished, dynamic, and enthusiastic juniors who graduated from the best Israeli universities and academic engineering programs.

Customer Benefits

Flash Networks has been able to gain a competitive advantage by keeping its legacy products and technologies close to its R&D headquarters in Israel, while benefiting from onshore outsourcing:

  • Significant reduction of operational costs.
  • Reduced project overhead – efficient communication, and project management.
  • Business focus – Flash Networks can focus on next-generation products and on expanding the product and business aspects of their product portfolio, while Galil Software takes full ownership of development, QA, and support of legacy products.
  • Proximity – Flash Networks Development and QA teams, as well as support teams, located at Galil Software’s site, enable Flash Networks to reduce risks, extra hidden costs (mostly associated with offshore), and improve time to market and response time to end-users.

“Galil Software is showing superb professionalism and response time in serving our customers around the globe. The team is dedicated, focused on time to market, and enables Flash Networks to maintain its lead in the messaging market.

We started outsourcing R&D and QA to Galil Software a few years ago and since then we are constantly expanding our partnership, adding engineering teams, and increasing our scope of work including software deployment and product support. For us, Galil Software teams are a generic part of our Software Services operations.

Transparent and smooth daily communication, the short distance to the Galil Software development center, and the outstanding commitment of their engineers to our success, led Flash Networks to build a tight relationship with Galil Software.”

Avi Kahani, VP Operations and Head of Rich Media Delivery Product Line