FIVE Holy Commandments for Automation Agile Testers

agile-teamOK, so your organization is thinking of implementing Agile and QA Automation (Gawd bless them!). Start getting excited because it IS the right move; we know from our own experience that Agile is a big player in speeding up QA automation adaptation.

But there are risks; it’s certainly more expensive using Agile, as you should typically have resources close at hand (although as we have previously mentioned (click here to read), geographical factors don’t always have to play that big an issue when you have the right outsourcing provider in place). In addition, it’s not easy determining just how much ROI Agile automation will bring; it perhaps makes more sense to view the process as part of a bigger product life-cycle picture.

So with our extensive experience in QA Automation and implementing Automation in Agile (check out this recent presentation we gave at the Agile Israel 2014 conference), we thought it was about time we gave it to you straight and tell you just what it takes to succeed in Agile automation testing. Forget budgets, geographical factors and whatever other obstacles crop up – if you don’t have the factors below in alignment, you might not as well bother with building that Agile Automation Testing team.Here they are, our FIVE commandments for successful Agile automation testers:

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