How to ramp up your coverage AND reduce costs

How to ramp up your coverage AND reduce costs

Galil Software An Israeli customer recently approached us after finally discovering the ugly truth – having to manually test a massive regression takes an awful amount of time (we’re talking 3 days AND 5 QA engineers in this example). Obviously, this time impacts that customer’s ability to move fast to production in an agile manner.

With a developing product, new features are rapidly being added and frequent versions released. As a result, more and more tests are required to maintain the test coverage and this specific customer’s QA engineers understood the system the best, focusing on recurring tasks instead of deeply examining those new features.

Once we closed a straight forward agreement, we started with a 10 days POC. We started the project with small but very important sanity test scenarios from the QA department, installed the Galil Software Automation Framework (based on leading open source libraries like Selenium, testNg, and others) and developed the first automated scenario to enable the customer to automatically run a sanity scenario. This in turn made life much easier and saved a huge chunk of time by ensuring the QA engineers got a working product – and not a product that simply didn’t start.

Upon the successful completion of the POC and the customer’s acceptance, we established a small team that worked to extend and customize the framework, particularly in terms of reporting, alerts and integrating the automation test suite with their CI solution (Jenkins, in this case).

In less than a month, the test automation suite was deployed and put in use, and in less than FOUR months all the sanity suites and 15% of the regression test cases were covered by automation.

For more details about what we can do to help you improve your coverage while reducing costs, get in touch here.

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