Tools need testers: why Automation isn’t Automatic 

Test automation isn’t quite as automatic as its name suggests. There’s a misconception out there that you can buy a bunch of test automation tools, set them up properly, and walk away without a second thought or worry…

Why UI Test Automation is worth doing well 

qa automation

It can be hard to produce reliable, stable UI tests. But these tests come the closest to simulating the actions of a real user, and they help ensure that your product works as a cohesive system.

3 of the biggest mistakes testers make when reusing tests

I was working at a financial services software company in the early days of User Interface automation frameworks.
We decided that automating the GUI was the way to go, and immersed in developing the framework and our own tests…

Test Automation in the Agile World

After decades of talking about test automation, the agile movement suddenly seems to be taking it seriously. You might be wondering what all the buzz is about.

The REAL Challenge of Testing Mobile Apps

mobile testing challenges

The REAL Challenge of Testing Mobile Apps The amazing growth of mobile technology over the last few years is, to put it simply, mind-blowing. Of course, there are literally hundreds of devices to choose from today, but it’s the software that really does the blowing of the mind for consumers, largely thanks to the huge […]