Meet Joseph Karkaby from Galil!

Joseph Karkaby

My name is Joseph Karkaby. After 4 years working at Comverse, followed by another 7 years at Galil Software – where I worked on a variety of Web-related products – I recently launched the Web Project department at Galil Software.   For a number of years, some of our customers with R&D teams or QA […]

How we resolved stuck DB transactions in SQL Server (2014)

Stuck Transactions SQL server

Rafi Daskalo Upon encountering stuck transactions in the SQL server (2014) DB, we had to perform some intensive in-depth analysis to uncover the source of the problem.   Since most of the transactions were NHibernate transactions, it was very difficult to find the origin of the problem; the real challenge was to find the problematic code that opened […]