Case Study: Vocalis

“Joe and his team have been working with us on the last few major projects.

Their sense of urgency, knowledge and attention to details have been essential in keeping our company successful and on track during our recent roadmap efforts.

They are easy to work with, always on board and committed. I feel confident in recommending Galil Software’s services.”

Shmulik Bachar, PhD, VP R&D

Here’s how we helped Israeli startup Vocalis Health adapt their AI-based health correlating platform using voice recordings to create a unique vocal ‘fingerprint’ to correlate the health of potential Coronavirus patients!

Vocalis Health develops an artificial intelligence-based platform that uses voice to evaluate an individual’s health status. Healthcare providers can leverage a remote patient’s voice interaction through a call center or smart device; in turn, this enables providers to passively track millions of patients that live with a range of voice-affecting diseases, like chronic respiratory or cardiac conditions. 

With the Coronavirus dramatically impacting healthcare around the globe in 2020, Vocalis Health decided to launch new vocal biomarkers via new Web and mobile applications; the battle with Coronavirus suddenly went very vocal!

Business Challenge

When the world was hit hard by the Coronavirus, Vocalis Health understood that their vocal diagnostic technology had the potential to fight the virus on the front foot. 

By developing Web and mobile apps for the masses, Vocalis Health’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology could correlate voice with the symptoms of COVID-19 and make real inroads on fighting this deadly virus. With a standard smart phone, alerts for early symptoms / monitoring at home could be sent quickly and easily.

Urgency was key: in order to get this project up and running quickly, Vocalis Health wanted to team up with an onshore Development and QA team in Israel, rather than have to worry about managing offshore teams.

The Project with Galil Software

Vocalis Health had three different but simultaneously urgent projects they wanted Galil Software to work on – within just 3 months Galil Software developed the following apps:

Customer Benefits

One of the main benefits for Vocalis Health has been the ability to have FOUR new applications successfully (and urgently) developed and launched by a local, quality-focused team.

With speed of the essence in combatting this deadly virus, the Galil Software Web & Mobile App Development team were quickly integrated, largely thanks to the proximity of the Galil team’s Nazareth HQ, which is just over an hour’s drive from Vocalis Health’s Tel Aviv offices. In addition, the Galil team speaks the same language and are located in the same time zone, meaning the benefits of taking on a highly-skilled, motivated local team were crystal clear.

Major Benefits VOCALIS Health Have Enjoyed:

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