Case Study: Clicktale

“They just keep going, like an oiled engine, with an amazing positive “whatever it takes” approach, long days, late nights, and weekends, communicating, cooperating, and at the hardest times.

The fact that this project is being done by the Galil team developers, is amazing proof that the same dedication, attention, responsiveness, ownership and overall attitude we pride ourselves of in the deployment group, is shared throughout the team, in house and near shore alike. This is a real trial by fire for the Galil team, and wow, flying colors!

Noam Diamant, Director, Deployment Development

The world’s #1 enterprise-class experience management platform, Clicktale’s deep drill-downs get to the heart of the “how” and “why” behind customer behavior.

Via session replays, high-fidelity heatmaps, conversion analytics, powerful integrations and in-depth expert analysis, Clicktale provides critical insights needed to remove friction, delight every customer and achieve digital success.

With a global customer base that includes Walmart, UBS, The North Face, MetLife, Lenovo, Adobe and CNN, Clicktale is the most advanced, robust enterprise-grade solution on the market, analyzing over 100 billion in-screen behaviors per month.

Business Challenge

The goal for Clicktale was to integrate a smallish Development and QA team that could quickly ramp up productivity. They were looking for an experienced team that had the know-how to take on some of their more complex customer websites in order to help gather onsite activity data and insights. In turn, this would enable their in-house team to concentrate on existing and potentially industry-leading features within the ever-expanding suite of Clicktale solutions.

Clicktale was also looking to partner with an onshore Development and QA team in Israel, rather than start managing projects with offshore teams.

Galil Software’s Solution

Clicktale considered a number of local teams and solutions, but were quickly convinced that the Web Development team at Galil Software could provide everything they needed, and more.

Galil Software commenced work with Clicktale in March 2016, with a small team of 3 developers, including a Team Leader. After hitting the ground running, the team was expanded to include one of Galil’s QA experts.

Customer Benefits

The major benefit for Clicktale has been its ability to hand over responsibility for customizing and deploying some of its customers’ more complex websites, sites that enable Clicktale to gain crucial data insights into how users on those websites interact with the content and functionality of the site.

Perhaps more importantly, the efforts of the Galil Software team were easily and speedily integrated, as they were located at Galil’s Nazareth HQ, which is just an hour’s drive from Clicktale’s Ramat Gan offices. Coupled with the fact that Galil’s team speak the same language and are located in the same time zone, the benefits of taking on a highly-skilled, motivated local team were crystal clear.

Customer Benefits

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