AI ג'נרטיבי ופתרונות למידת מכונה

AI ג'נרטיבי ופתרונות למידת מכונה

מכירים את שירותי ה- AI (בינה מלאכותית) של גליל? 

כחלק מהתפתחות הטכנולוגיה, צוותי גליל סופטוור עוסקים בפיתוח שירותי AI לצרכים שונים.

חברתנו פיתחה עבור הלקוחות השונים מגוון פתרונות המתבססים על היכולות המגוונות של צוותי החברה: 


Data Science


למידת מכונה (Machine Learning)


עיבוד שפה טבעית (NLP)


ניתוח נתונים תחזיתי


מערכות המלצה 


Deep Learning

עולמות ה- AI משנים בכל רגע את העולם שלנו באין ספור חזיתות ושילוב שלהם יוכל לשנות את אופן ביצוע המשימות, הזמן לפיתוח שלהם והעלויות. 

מוזמנים ליצור קשר ולחלוק מחשבות וצרכים! 


סיפורי לקוח 

"SysAid wanted to uplift and enforce its automation operation and started looking for a test automation solution. We checked several different options, and Galil Software was the best choice.

Galil’s expert knowledge and skills in the automation domain, and it is vast experience in different technologies, enabled us to ramp-up our automation and test infrastructure and enhance our quality process."

Yehuda Sapir, VP R&D SysAid

"Galil’s expertise, knowledge and automation skills, together with their automation framework, ensured the building and productive implementation of a state-of-the-art automated test environment."

Ehab Massad, QA & Automation Lead at CLEW

"When SimilarWeb started looking for a test automation solution, we checked a number of different in-house and external options. Galil Software was the obvious choice.

Galil’s expert knowledge and skills in the automation domain, together with Galil’s automation framework, enabled us to implement automation infrastructure in Amazon cloud quickly and efficiently, with a nice ROI."

Einat Orr, PhD, SVP R&D

"Our collaboration with Galil Software has been ever expanding, largely due to the excellent work done by the team from Galil. It’s no accident that this partnership has been going strong for 4 years – their professionalism and dedication to getting the job done has been impressive. So impressive, they’ve even collected a number of Radware awards!"

Gilad Hovav, ADC and Aw QA Director, Radware
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סיפורי לקוח 

As we grew, our need for internal tools was paramount, and the Galil team have proven themselves again and again. It was a good decision to double the size of the Galil development team within our Operations unit!

Ora Egozi-Barzilai R&D Director, Head of R&D Operations


“Galil Software has shown superb professionalism in ramping up our existing maintenance program. The team is dedicated, and extremely competent, which has, in turn, enabled us to focus on the product line we believe will take us well into the future.

We were initially doubtful that any outsourcing team could take on such a complicated and technologically advanced system, but have been quickly won over by the Galil team. That trust in their expertise is emphasized in their expanding team and an expanding list of projects and assignments that we know they can handle. For Sizmek, Galil Software has now considered a fully integrated part of our operations.

Amichai Kidron, Vice President R&D at Sizmek

Check out our customers case studies
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