A great survey on the usage and popularity of Selenium in 2015

A great survey on the usage and popularity of Selenium

Selenium TestingThe guys at Tellurium, who provide Web-based automated testing services, recently conducted a survey on the current state of Selenium in 2015, and the results were very interesting…

Here are a few of the key takeaways from the survey…

Selenium Users Automate Tests, Lots of Them

The vast majority of respondents regularly automate their tests. In fact, 84 percent of respondents automate at least a quarter of them, while almost a third of all respondents automate more than 75 percent of all testing.·

Jenkins is Wildly Popular Among Selenium Users

In addition to Selenium, survey respondents use a variety of other testing tools, but none so popular as Jenkins. The open-source continuous integration software is used by a whopping 55 percent of testers.

QA Teams Shoulder Almost All Testing Responsibility

Who do you think is responsible for testing in most companies: QA teams, developers, business analysts, interns? We thought it might be a healthy mix, but not even close…QA teams are responsible for over 90 percent of automated testing, according to our respondents!

Cloud-Based Solutions Are Still a Mystery to Many

Do you use a cloud-based solution to manage or run your Selenium tests (e.g. Tellurium, Sauce Labs, BrowserStack)? If you answered “yes,” it turns out that you’re ahead of the curve but in the minority. Only 22 percent of respondents had experience using a product such as Tellurium or Sauce Labs, but most of the others were interested in using a cloud-based solution, or at least hearing more about the different options.

“Cloud” is Often Synonymous With “Insecure”

Of the 35 percent of respondents who weren’t interested in a cloud-based solution, the biggest concern was security, as anticipated. It’s not uncommon for “cloud” to be synonymous with “insecure” and “at-risk” in the minds of many. That, however, is a misconception and highlights the need for continued discourse and education.

Contractors Less Popular Than Expected

Respondents were asked if they’ve ever hired a Selenium contractor to help with their test suite and the pie chart looked like Pac-Man, with the resounding “no’s” making up the body. More than 77 percent had never hired a Selenium contractor, while the rest had either dealt with a contractor in the past or were interested in doing so.

Company Size Doesn’t Impact the Need to Test

Of course, there was interest in the size of the company each respondent represented; the audience was evenly distributed from companies with five or less employees to organizations with over a thousand.

Testing Teams Don’t Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

What do you think is more common, small testing teams (1-5 people) or enormous teams (50+)? Turns out they’re about equally as common, making up for a combined 62 percent of responses. Not quite as common are medium-sized teams. It seems that companies either test big, test small, or don’t test at all. Teams in the 11-50 testers range made up for just over 21 percent of respondents.

Information courtesy of Tellurium.

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