Outsource your R&D but keep it onshore!

R&D ExtensionIf you’re looking for an outsourcing option in Israel that can truly extend the power and capabilities of your R&D team, look no further than Galil Software.

Galil Software company’s research and development teams provide the complete service any R&D team needs, including the end-to-end planning, customized design, development, and unit testing of new software products, websites and legacy systems.

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Galil Software’s expertise, which is based on a large number of often complex R&D projects, ensures you’re in safe hands. Some of the benefits you gain to capitalize on when working with Galil Software include:

  • A hand-picked, dynamic and localized team, just an hour’s drive from the center of Israel.
  • Engineering teams that specialize in large-scale development programs.
  • Experience in implementing state-of-the-art project management methodologies.
  • Expertise in implementing the most updated development platforms and environments for various technology domains, such as Enterprise applications and Web technologies.
  • Know how in adapting customers’ development methodologies and tools for seamless integration between customer teams and Galil Software development teams.
  • Production of High-Level Design (HLD) and Interface Design Documents (IDD), complete with a full Detailed Design (DD).
  • Proven responsibility for the end-to-end process of IT software developing tasks during design, coding, and unit testing (DCUT).