R&D Extension

R&D Extension

R&D benefits

Fully functioning team, ready to engage at any time
Adopting customer methodologies, tools and Kpis
End-to-end planning including responsibility for all product life-cycle
Establishing and maintaining stable, loyal teams:

A core development team, including Qa
A professional services team
Legacy software / end of life team



R&D Case Studies

“Innovation is a central element to everything that we do in Imperva, and it is what allows us to protect our customers’ data and all the roads leading to it. This requires the skills of leading engineers who can think in a different way that allows the breaking of the status quo. Galil Software provided us with professional talent that integrated smoothly and efficiently with our team, something that allows us to speed up the product development process.”
Amit Guz | Vice President Of Engineering
“As we grew, our need for internal tools was paramount, and the galil team have proven themselves again and again. it was a good decision to double the size of the galil development team within our operations unit!”
Ora Egozi-Barzilai | R&D Director, Head of R&D Operations at Taboola
“As an innovative company that is heavily relying on technological skills both internally and through partnerships, we came across Galil Software, and realized it had strong proven capabilities in fields that were relevant for SanDisk. Through that partnership, Galil has established a dedicated site, which included a number of teams in the fields we have identified relevant for us. These teams have already delivered technology which was key for multiple products we have released, and was sold to our key customers around the world.. We absolutely see Galil as a strategic partner, and we intend to continue and strengthen our work with them.”
Shahar Bar-Or | Sandisk Israel Site Manager
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