Case Study: Imperva

“Innovation is a central element to everything that we do in Imperva, and it is what allows us to protect our customers’ data and all the roads leading to it. This requires the skills of leading engineers who can think in a different way that allows the breaking of the status quo. Galil Software provided us with professional talent that integrated smoothly and efficiently with our team, something that allows us to speed up the product development process.”

Amit Guz
Vice President Of Engineering



Imperva is a leading Digital Information security company founded in 2002. Impreva’s mission is to protect data and all the roads leading to it. It protects customers from cyber-attacks through the development of intelligent software, with solutions such as firewall as well as database activity monitoring.

In its approach, Imperva combines innovation, application security, and information security. Imperva’s intelligence community stays on top of the current threat landscape to rapidly develop up-to-date solutions to new threats.

Customers around the world, from early-stage startups to global multinationals with hybrid infrastructures, trust Imperva to protect their applications, data, interfaces, and websites from malicious actors.

Business Challenge

Imperva was looking to go through a technological transformation that included moving to advanced and modern technologies and dismantling the Monolith architecture. During the disassembly process, the layers of the architecture were separated, which until now all took place under the same server with the transition to advanced MicroServices technology, which consists of small, separated layers. This technological transition is long and complex, and therefore there was a need for the assistance of an external team to take part in the task.

In addition, Imperva was looking to collaborate with external teams for joint work done through an agile and flexible approach. Imperva wanted to promote different projects with the help of dynamic teams that could grow and shrink according to the company’s different needs.

The Nature of the Joint Work

The work with Galil Software began in the summer of 2021 in front of the R&D division when in March 2022 the activity expanded to the automation division. Galil’s teams work as part of Imperva’s R&D division, under the AppSec group.

The team is divided into three groups:

The groups use the newest SaaS technologies and high level programming languages and with Stack Technology that consists of Java Spring Boot, Kafka, Redis, React.js, MicroServices, and more.

The Imperva and Galil teams work closely together in full cooperation and with regular communication. The work is done using an agile method, which includes extensive sharing of splints and integrated work.

Results/ Products of the Joint Work with Galil Software

Galil’s team assisted in the complex transition to microservices, but the work did not stop there. The team continued to work on other Product projects, including Imperva’s core products, Waiting Room products, DNS, Caching, Delivery Rules, and more.

The team has expertise in everything related to DNS, SSL, and Waiting Room, and also contributes significantly in the fields of design, planning, and placement. It takes part in On Calling and performs Deployment to the system.

The team helped provide a faster and better answer and response to the constantly changing market needs and currently participates in major Imperva projects.

The Benefits to the Customer

The added value, the use of advanced technologies, and the speed of the work made the cooperation between Imperva and Galil a fruitful collaboration, the work is done in complete transparency, with flowing two-way communication and managerial attention.

Among the advantages to Imperva:

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