Board and Investors

Zeevi Bregman

Chairman of the Board, Founder and Investor

From 2009 to 2014, Mr. Bregman was the President and CEO of Nice Systems, a global public software company. Nice Systems, with revenues of around Billion USD, is a market leader in analytics based solutions for customer experience, financial risk and security. Between 2007 to 2009 he was involved in various board positions in high-tech companies. Mr. Bregman was one of the founders of Galil Software and served as a Chairman of the Board from its inception in 2007 to 2009. From 1987 through 2007, Mr. Bregman held various technical and managerial positions in Comverse Inc. including being the Company CEO from 2001 to 2007.

Mr. Bregman holds a BSc Magna Cum Laude in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv university and an MSc Summa Cum Laude in Computer Science from Tel Aviv university and EMBA from Kellog Recannatti – a joint program of Tel Aviv and Northwestern universities.

Itsik Danziger

Board Member and Investor

Mr. Danziger is a high-tech industry veteran, with more than thirty five years of experience in senior executive positions mostly in the telecom technology industry and twelve years of experience in active board positions of not for profit organizations. From 2009 through 2014 Itsik was the chairman of the board of Galil Software. From 1985 through 2007, Mr. Danziger held various senior management positions in Comverse Technology Group, including President of Comverse Technology Group, active Chairman of Starhome, and President of Comverse Network Systems, where he led the company from a startup stage to becoming a worldwide market leader with annual revenues of over $1B. Prior to Comverse, Mr. Danziger served for over a decade in various R&D and management positions in Tadiran Telecommunications Group. Currently, Mr. Danziger serves as a board member in several technology companies.

In the NGOs/public sector, Mr. Danziger serves as the chairman of the board of the Center for Educational Technology (CET- Matach), an NGO which is focusing on advancing the education system through integration of content, pedagogy and technology. Itsik is an executive board member of IVN (Israel Venture network) and chairman of its fund’s investment committee, where he is involved in building the innovative social businesses sector in Israel. Itsik is also a board member of the New Israel Fund (NIF). In 2004-5 he served as a member of the Israeli National Task Force for the Advancement of Education (The Dovrat Committee).

Mr. Danziger holds a BSc Cum Laude and an MSc in Electronic Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, as well as an MA Cum Laude in Philosophy and Digital Culture from Tel Aviv University.

Uri Arad

Board  Member and Investor

Uri Arad is the Co-CEO of SoftWatch, a start up in the domain of applications usage analytical. Prior to joining SoftWatch, Uri served as CEO of Malam systems, one of Israel’s leading IT firms.

Before, he was an Executive VP in Comverse Technology (NASDAQ:CMVT), in various management positions. Prior to that, he founded a Teleknowledge, a startup initiative involved in content-based billing. He has also served as the Chief Information Officer of Bezeq as well as the head of the information systems division of the Israeli Air Force.

Eyal Goldwerger

Board Member and Investor

Mr. Goldwerger is the Chief Executive Officer of TargetSpot Inc., the largest digital audio advertising network.  Mr. Goldwerger is a seasoned entrepreneur with diverse experience leading technology ventures in a variety of industries.  Most recently, he was Chief Executive Officer of XMPie Inc., a software company providing marketing applications to enterprises, agencies and commercial printers.  Mr. Goldwerger led XMPie through rapid growth up to its successful acquisition by Xerox Corporation.  Prior to that, Mr. Goldwerger held various leadership positions, serving as EVP Consumer Products & Distribution at a contextual online advertising network, and was Founder and CEO of GoCargo.com, an Internet-based global trading system for container shipping capacity.  Previously, he was a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in New York.

Mr. Goldwerger holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School and a B.A. in Economics, Rector’s Honor, from Tel Aviv University.

Ailon Michaely

Board Member and Investor

Mr. Michaely has extensive experience as senior finance and management executive, as well as in the Israeli investment arena. Mr. Michaely served as CFO of Comverse, CFO of Housing and Construction Ltd., an infrastructure and real-estate holding company, and Chairman of the Clal Insurance Investment Committee. Mr. Michaely also served in various positions in the Finance divisions of Bezeq, AVI (Avionics Venture International), Tracor Aerospace of Austin, TX, and the Israeli Ministry of Transportation. Mr. Michaely currently serves as a board member in several Israeli companies and startups, and invests and consults in the high-tech field.

Mr. Michaely holds a BA in Economics and an MBA, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Rachel Ofer

Board Member

Rachel has more than 30 years experience in senior positions in the Human Resources field in the High Tech industry, and 8 years of experience in Board and mentoring positions for social businesses. Rachel was the senior Vice President for Human Resources in Comverse in the years 1991-2008 with extensive responsibilities for global work force, talent management, and offshore activities of the company. Since 2008, Rachel has been working as a management consultant in the High Tech industry as well as in the Arab sector, including with leading companies in Nazareth. Rachel has been involved with Galil Software from the beginning, working with senior management and HR, and supporting the company’s growth.

Mrs. Offer holds a B.A in Sociology and M.B.A studies from Tel Aviv University.

Nabeel Sakran

Board Member

Nabeel has 36 years of experience in managing development teams in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. He spent 30 years at Intel Israel in which he took a leadership role in the development of many of the leading edge Intel processors. Nabeel spent 4 years at Apple Israel managing the Apple Israel VLSI team.  Since 2016,  Nabeel is acting as VP R&D of Alpha Omega, a company that produces Medical products that are used in brain surgeries and research.

Nabeel holds a BSC in Electrical Engineering from the Technion.

Other investors in Galil Software include:

  • Jimmy Levy – Co-Founder
  • Arledan Investment Ltd.
  • Elias Tannous
  • Chanoch Barkat
  • Shuki Ehrlich
  • Meir Feder
  • Zohar Gilon
  • Moshe Kozlovsky
  • Benny Levin
  • Yehuda Niv
  • Adi Pundak-Mintz
  • Shai Reshef
  • Carmel Vernia
  • Oren Zeev
  • Zohar Zisapel
  • Klil Zisapel
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