CRM – Software Customization and Deployment for Top-Tier Operators

“The Galil Software program is one of the first successes of the Offsite Contractor Unit established in Amdocs. The program is well managed, with good partnership and collaboration with Galil Software management. We’ve assigned our teams to different projects, serving our customers with high dedication and the right attitude, so that we can deliver our projects on time and with quality, in accordance with Amdocs’ spirit. The program is continuing to gain momentum with local leaders and developers who are acquiring expertise in Amdocs products; this is the key for the future evolvement of the program.” 

Yinon Amir – Amdocs Delivery CMCC CRM Development Director

Amdocs: Case Study

Amdocs Case StudyA global company (NYSE: DOX) with revenues of $3.0 billion in fiscal 2010, Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation, with over 19,000 employees delivering the most advanced business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS), and service delivery to innovative service providers in more than 60 countries around the world.

Business Challenge

Service providers worldwide deploy Amdocs’ products, while customizing them in order to support their business models, business processes, and personalized customer experience.

These customizations require the most accomplished software engineers, who are able to build critical business applications for large-scale service providers.

In order to meet the ongoing growth and stringent deadlines, Amdocs decided to rapidly expand its CRM Delivery teams in a cost-effective way. Galil Software was chosen as a solutions provider due to its savvy engineers, proven control and project management methodologies, and cost-effectiveness.

Galil Software’s Solution

From 2010, Galil Software has been providing Amdocs with development and software services for customizing and deploying Amdocs’ CRM products.
Galil Software’s ability to rapidly ramp up the teams, provide product and on-the-job training, and tight management focus, enabled Amdocs to rapidly build fully-embedded professional teams within its CRM Line of Business.
The Galil Software teams comprise 20 engineers and are structured as an organic part of Amdocs’ development teams, according to Amdocs’ development methodologies. Currently, the Galil Software teams are involved in several major development programs for top-tier mobile operators worldwide.

The Galil Software engineers’ responsibilities include:

  • Development – end-to-end design, coding, and unit testing, taking full responsibility for all task items.
  • Testing – planning and execution of all testing activities, including  sanity tests, subsystem tests, integration tests, and system testing
  • On-site implementation – including User Acceptance Tests (UAT) and support at customers’ worldwide sites
  • Production support – tier 4, 3, and 2 support in Israel and offshore at customers’ sites.

Galil Software’s teams work according to well-defined Service Level Agreement, KPIs, and targets. Strict confidentiality and security measures are employed in Galil Software’s site in Nazareth, in accordance with Amdocs’ rigid security policy.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction of operational costs compared to offshore outsourcing, for labor costs, management and control costs, and extra hidden costs.
  • The fast rump-up and learning curve of the Galil Software teams enabled a rapid process from establishment of each team to full productivity.
  • Adopting Amdocs’ work methods enables full transparency and seamless day-to-day operational processes, supporting rigid Amdocs targets of Time to market and ROI on the CRM Line of Business.
  • The Galil Software team was part of the overall process that Amdocs implemented to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.


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