Diversifying your talent pool’s resources

Diversifying your talent pool’s resources

With an ever-developing technological world, the demand on your talent pool is ever-increasing.

We’re taking a wild stab in the dark here, but are pretty sure you’ve seen the talent pool at your disposal get ever smaller and stretched. Keeping up with the latest technologies and skill-sets can prove a strain on even the biggest of budgets.

With constant changes in road maps and business models, the load on existing talent pools can get a little too, well, squeezed. Let’s face it, basic talent pool management is often strenuous enough, and that’s just the regular acquiring, hiring and retaining of skilled employees. But if you’re really looking to maximize your success and retain your standing in the global economy, you’re going to need engaged, high-performing employees with a diverse set of skills and resources at hand.

Yes, diversifying your talent pool’s resources is going to be a critical factor in any long-term success.

So how do you increase and diversify your talent pool’s resources?

We’ve seen a number of ways in which organizations can achieve this:

  • Break down internal company barriers that often stifle the flow of information. It may involve breaking heads and hearts a little, especially in those organizations where change takes forever, but the effects of collaboration and information flow can help your talent pool immensely. Your organization’s management really has to take a role here, with the setting up of a knowledge base perhaps the ultimate solution, a knowledge base that allows the flow of technical expertise and even tools throughout your enterprise. In turn, these will reach the right people and assist greatly in enhancing your talent pool.
  • Diversity is important, but it has evolved greatly over the years and will probably continue to do so even more. What was once important to an organization just a few years ago, such as recruiting more women and minorities, has now changed; now it’s moved into attracting employees from different industries and even backgrounds who have a skill-set and different set of experiences that can add something unique to your organization. If you’re really serious about diversifying your talent pool, be willing to expand your horizons into arenas you probably never even considered; these new arenas may just bring a new batch of ideas and expertise into your organization that may just breathe new life into your road map!
  • Globalization has of course meant the increase of “offshore” talent pools in an effort to cut costs and increase efficiency. The idea of adding an R&D site in a different yet relatively nearby location (“onshore”) is another great solution. We at Galil Software are the perfect example of a successful extension of many an R&D site in Israel, and have proven time and again our ability to enhance an organization’s talent pool with our team of experts. In addition, our access to a comprehensive knowledge base built up over many years and as a result of managing many projects ensures your talent pool is truly diverse.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you, please get in touch!

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