FOUR key ways in which outsourcing can align with HR goals

FOUR key ways in which outsourcing can align with HR goals

OutsourcingLet’s face it, for those of you in the HR industry, successfully managing your workforce is an ever-challenging task. It never seems to get any easier, and with complex project requirements getting ever more complex, and financial limits getting ever more limited, your HR goals require constant juggling and realignment.

However, there are ways in which the burden of success can be alleviated so that your team can focus on your core HR objectives.

Oh yes, it might surprise you, but we know of FOUR sure-fire ways in which outsourcing some of your R&D projects can totally and completely align with your own HR goals.

Read on to find out how…

Outsourcing resolves the onsite challenge of keeping all employees challenged and motivated

It’s not always possible to keep ALL your employees challenged, and often, those employees that really want to progress are stuck in positions that really are going nowhere (for example, legacy software maintenance).

By outsourcing more mundane projects that free up skilled personnel, those same employees can be offered new, more challenging positions within your organization (and as you know, hiring from within is always preferable, as it saves on so many fronts).

Outsourced projects offer flexibility that in turn helps increase motivation

When the time comes to make painful transitions, re: cutbacks (we hope it never does, but unfortunately, reality suggests otherwise), it is generally going to be easier for the outsourcing provider to find an alternative project for the personnel working for you, rather than you start trying to work out how to painlessly reduce your own HR headcount.

We’ve seen how motivation at some companies can nosedive if cutbacks are in the air, and that can have a huge impact on productivity for months. Outsourcing at least offers you a front-line of defense so to speak, so that you are in effect minimizing your risks.

And taking it to the other extreme, in the event that your team has suffered some cutbacks, taking on an outsourcing team that is not in the same physical environment can be a real productivity booster when your company needs it most. As the outsourced team is not in the same geographical location, they don’t soak up the ill-feeling that may be still lingering in and around your offices.

Remote outsourcing sites can be another talent pool source

As it’s not always easy to find good candidates, especially in the heart of the suburban metropolis, a remote site can truly be a great talent pool source from which to recruit.

After all, once an outsourcing project or two have been successfully completed, it gets a whole lot easier to trust the remote site and any potential employees they might be able to push your way.

Outsourcing projects promotes diversity, which is a GOOD thing

Our fourth and final way to ensure your HR goals are met is by promoting diversity – which is a good thing, right?

If you’ve based your pooling range to within the borders of the Dan area for example, where else are you going to get such a varied, but hugely talented group of individuals, such as those we can offer you at Galil Software? Many of our top employees live in the north and offer a very different work atmosphere and level of dedication, and many of them have already worked with some of Israel’s leading hi-tech firms.

Take it from us, the range of cultures and beliefs we can provide you with can often contribute to team spirit and help get your teams connected in a way you probably never imagined.

Feel free to contact us if you need further advice or assistance regarding outsourcing and how we can help you align your HR goals.

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