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We are constantly growing, expanding our expertise, and bringing on new clients with new and exciting projects. Galil Software is recruiting talented academics, who are passionate about succeeding in R&D software development in the hi-tech market. We have gathered some success stories of several employees. We invite you to join Galil Software to make this your success story as well!

Faris Reziq

FarisTeam leader at Datorama project & Director

Born in 1983 Lives in Reineh village near Nazareth, Married with two children BA in Computer Science and Information Systems from Max Stern College of Jezreel Valley Hobbies include sports and hiking

“I joined Galil Software in 2010 as a .NET developer, having accumulated several years of experience in the development of information systems on .NET. I was happy to be integrated into a project at a leading high-tech company such as NICE. Shortly after joining Galil Software, I was promoted to be Activity Leader and recently Team Leader, and broadened my professional knowledge and experience in R&D. I am constantly progressing, both professionally and personally, learning new technological fields, and using the most advanced development tools and methodologies in today’s market. I am also learning a great deal from my colleagues and managers.

For me, working at Galil Software is not only about the professional perspective; I have friends here, and have met many talented engineers. I feel that I can bring the best out of myself, and most importantly – I feel at home.”

Reem Tannous Khoury

ReemQA Automation Activity leader – Qognify project

Born in 1978 Lives in Reine village. Married with two children BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Haifa, Israel Hobbies include artistry “I began my career as a Mathematics and Computer Science teacher. When I heard about Galil Software, I jumped at the opportunity to join the high-tech market and develop the career to which I have aspired since my university studies. The transition to Galil Software has opened to me an entire world of professional opportunities, and the ability to advance to a managerial position. Today, I am in charge of an Engineering team in the Allot project, a world leading company in bandwidth management solutions. I work close to my house, which facilitates the balance between my private life, hobby as an artist, motherhood, and my duties in the company. The strong relationships between all employees in the company and with our customers are part of our unique organizational culture, that looks only at the individual and his/her professional abilities, and not at religion or gender.  My colleagues at work are talented engineers, who are getting at Galil Software a wonderful opportunity to advance and learn.”

Rita Khoury

RitaSenior Automation Activity Leader – Radware project

Born in 1986 Lives in Haifa, Married BSc in Information Systems from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Hobbies include hiking “Upon finishing my academic degree, I started working as a tutor in the Nachshon project of the Educational Technology Center, where I prepared high school students for their Mathematics matriculations (“Bagruyot”). After having received professional training in the networks area, I was looking for a job in a high-tech company. I heard about Galil Software from friends, and was delighted to join the company as a software tester in the Automated QA field. My work is very challenging both professionally and personally, and I am happy that I have been able to establish a technical career as a Software Engineer. I am learning a great deal, while accumulating professional experience in the networks area, a field that interests me very much. In addition, the atmosphere in my group and at Galil Software is very pleasant, and I enjoy coming to work each morning.”

Dina Abu Ahmad

DinaFinancial Manager

Born in 1985 Lives in Nazareth BA in Accounting from Tel Aviv University, Israel Hobbies include dancing   “Before joining Galil Software, I worked for over three years in Deloitte, one of the largest international accounting firms. I joined the Finance department of Galil Software as a Controller and recently, I was promoted to be financial manager of the company. Galil Software is a company with an excellent reputation in the high-tech market, particularly in the Arab community. It also has a professional staff that can contribute greatly to my professional knowledge in the field.

After residing several years in the center of Israel, I was looking to return to my hometown, Nazareth, and was interested in joining a leading company in the North, while maintaining the high-level professional experience I had become used to. I enjoy working at Galil Software – I feel that I can fulfill my personal ambition here, and widen my horizons in order to keep progressing in my career.”


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