5 things you really need to know about DevOps

5 things you really need to know about DevOps

devops in israelIt seems like the world and her sister are talking about DevOps these days. Whether it’s the adoption of DevOps as a Lifestyle (NOT a job title) or confirmation from Gartner that DevOps is moving mainstream, there’s no doubt that DevOps is the talk of the town.

But is DevOps really the perfect solution for your organization’s development methods? Will DevOps be the answer to all those dev issues? Before you answer that, and before you analyze it too much, we’ve compiled a list of the FIVE things you really need to know about DevOps, just to give you some insights into the whys and why nots when choosing to implement DevOps.

It’s way more than just a niche strategy

DevOps is certainly not the niche little strategy from a couple of years ago. You’re not going to be heading into uncharted territory anymore, with many leading industry experts now getting their hands dirty with DevOps. We’ve also seen it at Galil Software, with a definite awareness among customers of what DevOps can bring to the table.

With leading industry analysts such as Gartner also singing the praises of DevOps – they believe 2016 will see DevOps employed by large cloud providers and by up to 25% of Global 2000 organizations – it’s time to bury that niche mentality.

Team up with QA Automation experts and you’ll gain the perfect end-to-end solution

There’s no doubt that once you start looking at implementing DevOps,  you’ll realize the importance of QA Automation. From our own experience at Galil Software – with over 70 QA Automation engineers on hand – combining the efforts of these automation experts with DevOps is a win-win for all concerned. The teaming up of skills and expertise really does provide some excellent business value, real business value. Our own projects have seen some excellent real-time benefits within a matter of a few weeks. Check out some of our Case Studies to see how we’ve helped companies like SimilarWeb and Sizmek.

Teams and systems are going to have to adapt – or die

We all know that many developers are interested in getting their code written up and verified – and that’s about all they’re interested in. You may have some rock star developers in your team, but seriously, if they’re not willing to adapt  a little and step out of their comfort zone, it might be time they updated their resume.

Because DevOps is going to test all your team and the systems you employ. Developers now need to consider how the application will run as a nonfunctional requirement, and treat it with the same level of importance as security, performance and data privacy. Without your developers feeling ownership of the installation process, monitoring the environment and collecting end-user feedback, we can safely inform you that you have not successfully implemented DevOps.

You don’t have to automate everything

It’s time to be efficient. Of course, DevOps can work on any platform, including mainframe, and doesn’t have to be confined to agile projects. But be realistic – transforming an application to use DevOps is going to cost you a lot in resources. Frankly, if we’re talking legacy products, or software that rarely gets updated (let’s say once a year with minor bug fixes), don’t bother. Concentrate on the projects that really need DevOps, or at least those that make up the top 20% of your portfolio.

Implementing DevOps is going to take some work…

Right, so you might now be swinging in favor of moving to DevOps, which is a great move. However, with further analysis of your current software delivery setup, the inefficiencies that exist – such as duplicate reviews, or competing standards – may well be adding additional headaches to the mix.

Instead of forcing all those different elements and processes into DevOps, it may actually be easier to have someone overseeing that move – or an alternative outside party assisting your DevOps efforts. That’s where services that companies like Galil Software provide taking on a vital role. Our experience and skilled team of experts can get through a lot of the headaches and work needed to ramp up your organization’s software processes.

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